Taipei City is the capital city of Taiwan, a state in East Asia bounded by China, Japan and the Philippines. It is the political, economic, educational and cultural centre of Taiwan (or more correctly The Republic of China), a modern metropolis with a thriving economy and a vibrant tourism industry. People who flock to Taipei are there for the street food, night markets, historical artifacts, hot springs and its many upscale shops. If you are looking for a reason to head to The City of Azaleas, here are ten of them:


Top 10 Reason I love Taipei, night market


Taipei City’s night markets are a staple of the Taiwanese culture and a bustling tourist attraction. Ordinary streets and empty enclosures burst into colourful life at dusk and the activity continues up until midnight, an experience that is better seen than read about. These markets offer a wide variety of Taiwanese food, snacks, colourful accessories and clothing. Some of the more popular night markets include Raohe market, the oldest night market in Taipei which offers a wide variety of food, the Shi Lin market, which is the largest and most famous Taipei night market, and the Liaoning market, which is famous for its delicious array of seafood.

Top 10 Reason I love Taipei Beitou Hot Springs


Beitou is famous for its hot springs. Its appearance from above gives an impression of a boiling cauldron and the pervasive smell of sulphur gave it its name. Historically, it used to be a famous red light district, but due to a huge government effort, the Beitou of today boasts several high quality spas, good hotels and a lush and relaxing environment for tourists and visitors.


Travellers with children will find this a very fun and colourful way to include their little ones in the sights of Taipei. This extensive park boasts 13 rides and several attractions, including the Toy Soldier Kingdom and Magic Planet. 


One thing is sure, there is no shortage of museums in Taipei. The Taiwanese, like most Asian countries, revel in their culture. The Republic of China Armed Forces Museum aims to display the military heritage of the Republic of China and educate both indigenous and tourists about the different eras of the Taiwanese military.


A 26 hectare major park, Da’an Forest Park boasts lush greenery and a serene environment which is a welcomed respite from bustling city life. It is home to fauna including squirrels, ducks, egrets and turtles, as well as a wide variety of flora. It also has two ponds and hosts several outdoor activities, like nature painting and skating. For a truly magical evening soaking up nature, Da’an Park is perfect, and for couples who just want some time alone, a stroll through the park is magical.


The famous Taiwan Lantern Festival is hosted by the tourism bureau every year to attract visitors and boost the international profile of the city. It is one of the reasons many tourists travel to Taipei and the festival is filled with thousands of visitors who flock to the city just to experience it. The festival is a spectacular event where high-tech forms of light displays meet folk-art and culture. The lighted lanterns floating in the sky will simply take your breath away.


Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is a national landmark erected in honour of Chiang Kai-Shek, a former president of The Republic of China. It is a bustling tourist attraction surrounded by a park, and includes a library and a museum celebrating Kai-Shek’s life and accomplishments. Visiting the center is a good way to inject some history and political knowledge into your vacation.

Top 10 Reason I love Taipei


The Grand Palace Museum is a world class museum, an expansion of the National Palace Museum which boasts up to 700,000 original ancient Chinese artifacts encompassing 8,000 years of rich Chinese art history. The display includes bronzes, lacquer ware, textiles and religious artifacts. Apart from the jaw-dropping selection of art, the museum grounds has a classical Chinese Song and Ming style garden: the Zhishan Gardens which occupies over 1.88 hectares and are a sight to behold, with waterworks, ponds, pavilions and an explosion of colourful ornamental plants.


Adventurous tourists will love the Yangminshan mountain range hosting an extensive national park which is famous for its hiking trails and the dormant Seven Star Mountain volcano. The mountains are filled with beautiful with cherry blossoms and venomous snakes.  The snakes have not stopped the thousands of tourists who make the climb every year. The mountain is home to 168 species of butterflies and the famous Taiwan isoetes, an aquatic fern only found in Taiwan. One thing is sure, hiking Yangminshan is not for the faint-hearted, but the view is worth every drop of sweat.



The city’s perfect weather is one of the reasons to travel to Taipei. Like most of Taiwan, Taipei boasts of beautiful, warm year-round weather, with light spring rain, but a mild winter. This means that Taipei is perfect for tourists any time of year. 

Where to Stay in Taipei: 

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If I loved Taipei and I can bet that you will too. Why not indulge the wanderluster in you for the experience of a lifetime? After all, it is said, “we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”

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