Is a trip to Bear Lake Valley on your bucket list?

If you’re confused, I get it.  Until recently, I hadn’t heard of Bear Lake Valley so it wasn’t on my radar either.  But now that I’m “in the know” about this outdoor wonderland, you better believe I’d love to visit.

Why Haven't You Considered a Trip to Bear Lake Valley?

First things first, where is Bear Lake Valley?

Bear Lake Valley is located in Idaho, and is centrally situated between Salt Lake City, Utah, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Jackson, Wyoming.  As if these near-by destinations weren’t enough, Bear Lake Valley is also sandwiched between two National Scenic Byways – Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway and Oregon Trail Bear Lake Scenic Byway.  Basically, a trip to Bear Lake Valley places you smack dab in a part of the country which is any outdoor enthusiast’s dream.  Bear Lake Valley is a recreational paradise and a stand-alone travel destination, but can also easily be combined with any of the above mentioned locations.

Why Haven't You Considered a Trip to Bear Lake Valley?

Why take a trip to Bear Lake Valley?

For the lake, of course.  And, if it looks anything like the photos of it I’ve seen, it’s gorgeous!  Bear Lake has been nicknamed the Caribbean of the Rockies due to its intense clear, turquoise blue water. The color of the lake changes on a daily basis, depending on the weather and the cloud coverage.  Aside from the lake, you’re also going to want to head to Bear Lake Valley for the nearby mountain ranges and stunning views.

Why Haven't You Considered a Trip to Bear Lake Valley?

What’s there to do in Bear Lake Valley?

There’s a TON to do in the area.  You can get out on the water and enjoy boating, sailing or water sports on Bear Lake.  On shore you can enjoy the lake’s beaches or the area’s wildlife and birds, explore Minnetonka cave or partake in hiking and biking.  You can also hunt, fish for mackinaw or cutthroat trout in the lake or flyfish for rainbow trout in the area’s mountain streams.

Why Haven't You Considered a Trip to Bear Lake Valley?

What if I can’t visit during the summer months?

That’s okay!  Bear Lake Valley offers travelers things to do and see all year round.  In winter you can snowmobile, ice fish, cross-country ski or downhill snow ski at the area’s two ski resorts.

Where do I stay in Bear Lake Valley?

Bear Lake is super popular with campers.  If you don’t have a tent or RV, you can consider something I’ve been dying to try… glamping!  If glamping still sounds too much like “roughing it” to you, there’s an array of Bed and Breakfasts, vacation rentals, hotels and cabins to choose from.

What else do I need to know about a trip to Bear Lake Valley?

Despite the vast array of activities, Bear Lake Valley is very rural – the whole county only has 2,000 full-time inhabitants!  I’m also told to try the area’s locally-grown raspberries and that a “World Famous” raspberry shake is a “must do” for any first time visitor to Bear Lake Valley.

So, is a trip to Bear Lake Valley now on your travel bucket list?

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