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One of the perks of my day job as a lawyer is that from time to time I get to travel outside the confines of my office. From the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia to the coasts of the Carolinas, it’s nice to get out of  Atlanta every now and then. My trips are mostly quick turnarounds and even though I could drive the six hours to Charleston or the four hours to Savannah, it often makes more sense to fly rather than spend an entire day in the car.

If you’ve ever traveled for work, you know how tedious it is to collect your receipts, submit them to HR, and wait for a reimbursement. Once you tally up the food, flights, and cabs, you’re often out several hundred dollars and it can take weeks to get paid back!

I’ve always struggled with remembering to request reimbursements, but now I’ve found a new way to easily keep track of my expenses: Enter: TravelBank.  Check out how easy it is to keep track of  expenses with this app – all you need to do is take a picture of the receipt on your phone!

TravelBank is a new all-in-one budget and expense reporting system that helps savvy business travelers book flights and manage spending while on-the-go. Users can earn points when they use the app to find the best deals on flights, and those points translate into big dollar rewards at Amazon, Lyft, Uber, and AirBNB.

I was eager to test out this cash rewards program. I simply input my current city, travel destination, and dates of travel. The app told me that the average cost of the round trip flight was approximately $596.00. By searching the app I can view several flights on different airlines that fit my search criteria and compare times and prices.

I was able to find a flight that comes in around $300 under the average price, which translates into $150 rewards! Check out the rewards I’d earn on this flight:

Some other useful features? You can store company credit cards on the app, so there is no need to have HR book each and every flight for you or request personal reimbursement. This can streamline the process and save you a bunch of time.  I particularly like the icons listed on each flight that tell me whether the flight offers power and/or WiFi options.

Even though I rarely leave the region for work-related travel, using TravelBank allows me to earn rewards that I can use when I travel for pleasure to more exotic locations. Although I have to admit, there are some lovely beachside AirBNB rentals in St. Simons, Georgia that have been calling my name lately….

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