Are you a travel blogger looking to contribute a guest post to Flirting with the Globe?  Great – I’m excited to have you!

Submission information:

FWTG only publishes posts which are a good fit for the site and its followers.  To submit a post, email it to with attached photos and a short bio.

Guest post policies for this site:

  1. FWTG will not accept duplicate content.  All posts must be newly created content specifically for FWTG which is not (and will not be) posted elsewhere.
  2. Posts must be in English, easy to read and have proper grammar.
  3. FWTG reserves the right to alter, revise or otherwise tailor guest post submissions. This includes adding affiliate, modifying or deleting links.
  4. High Quality original photos are preferred.  If not available, stock photos with proper creative commons licenses from Flickr can be used.  If you are using stock photos, they must be from and the links of each must be sent to me so I can properly credit same.  All images must be kept to “medium” size for quick uploading, aside from the “header image” for the blog post.  Images may be used to promote post on social media.
  5. FWTG does not provide copyright protection or accept copyright ownership and only retains publishing rights.
  6. Guest posts are scheduled in the order received and depending on the site’s posting schedule.  A specific publish date cannot be guaranteed.  It may take several weeks or even months for your post to be published. If you’re not willing or able to wait for the post, please do not submit it.
  7. Guest posting is for other bloggers only.  All posts will include a blogger bio and will link to your site, but no commercial backlinks will be published. If you’re a company or independent contractor and seeking a sponsored post contact for my current sponsored content rates.