Ok, so I’m a bit late to the game as 2017 is in full swing and has hit me (and my schedule) in full force! A new year also means 365 days to explore new destinations. It probably won’t surprise you to know that one of the things I get the most excited about is deciding where I’ll travel to next. The world is (literally) filled with possibilities and I love the thrill I get from narrowing them down and choosing my next obsession destination.

How does the girl that wants to go everywhere (no really, just about everywhere) weigh her destination options and make a decision? Often it’s by lusting after other traveler’ Instagram feeds and blog posts!

Instagram Inspiration: Here are my 10 Top Travel Destinations for 2017 as seen on some of my favorite blogger’s Instagram accounts!

1. Germany

I visited Munich while in law school and although I had a good time (a really good time), I found myself associating the whole country with Munich’s beer gardens, tubed meat and Oktoberfest. With so many options, Germany didn’t top my list of places I wanted to return to in the very near future. That is until I saw a photo of Hohenzollern Castle posted by one of my favorite bloggers, Kristin of Be My Travel Muse. I stopped dead in my (Instagram) tracks and decided at that very moment that one day soon I would visit the magical place depicted in her photo… I searched for her corresponding blog post: 7 Magical Day Trips to Take from Stuttgart, Germany. Not only does Germany have amazing castles other than the almost-too-popular Cinderella-esque Neuschwanstein, but the country also has stunning scenery and world-famous wine regions – three travel experiences I always fall hook-line-and-sinker for. Consider this girl sold.

2.  Utah & Arizona

I love my home country of America, but my travels often take me elsewhere to explore “more exotic” locations due to my limited time and unlimited wanderlust. I’m embarrassed to say that I think I’ve been to more countries than states. Most recently I’ve had the urge to see more of the good ‘ole U.S. of A – particularly the states of Utah and Arizona. If I wasn’t already enthralled with the area’s natural beauty, Alyssa of My Life’s a Movie would have me convinced – even if I won’t be able to make all that hiking look even half as effortless and glamorous as this blogger beauty/selfie-stick expert does!

Cheers to a successful, Croatian turkey day… picnic style! Happy Thanksgiving from Rovinj! ? #thanksgiving #picnictime #sunset? #bestworldyet

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3. Croatia

The Balkan countries have mesmerized me since my trip to Bosnia. It practically killed me to visit Slovenia this past spring and not have time to explore more of the region. How did I possibly survive another day?! By living vicariously through the Instagram feed of my friends and fellow bloggers, Andrea and Bryan of Best World Yet. The couple lived in Istria for a bit and they had me swooning over Croatia’s scenery and sunsets.

4. Mendoza, Argentina

I’ve mentioned my love of wine and exploring wine regions a time or two on this blog… (You may begin to realize a pattern here). 🙂 I’ve traveled to wine countries across nearly every continent, but now I have my sights set on Mendoza. The vistas in this wine producing region of Argentina are as stunning as the above photo of Lesley from The Road Les Traveled.

5.  Jamaica

The older I get the more I adopt an ever-evolving laid-back attitude (well, for a Type-A attorney anyways… I’m a work in progress). With this new attitude has come a new found love for traveling to beach destinations. My High School classmate, whom you may know as Adam from Getting Stamped (small world, eh?), married his beautiful wife Hannah in Jamaica. The two have returned to the island a handful of times and their striking photos are “Jamaican’ Me Crazy” to visit. (Sorry, I seriously can’t help myself). Colorful sunsets, reggae music, friendly people and cheap rum punch? Sign me up. Stat. Check out their post 17 Reasons to Visit Jamaica This Winter and see if you can successfully fight the urge to book a trip, because I failed.

Beaches in #Varadero, #Cuba are gorgeous and actually not as touristy as I thought they would be!

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Riding through the tobacco farms of Viñales, #Cuba. Home of the best cigars in the world!

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6.  Cuba

You can see I posted two Instagram photos for this next destination. That’s because Anna of Anna Everywhere and Matthew of Expert Vagabond are a package deal. Literally. They’re actually a couple in real life and I love to follow along during their adventures. Even if I do feel guilty for not hitting the gym and eating too many McDonald’s cheeseburgers every time I stalk their bikini-clad/shirtless IG feeds. 🙂  Regardless, I’m not sure that I know many travel-obsessed Americans that don’t have Cuba on their 2017 travel bucket list. I’m no different. I know that Cuba isn’t necessarily an easy trip, but I am dead-set on experiencing this unique country for myself.

There has been lots of interest and messages about travel in Myanmar after the last two posts so I figured I would throw in just one more for anyone on the fence. Seriously though, it has the most magical sunrises ever, and I have the best place to see it. If you do end up going check out my blog first-I have a post with directions on how to find a ‘secret’ temple. It won’t be on any map you are given, which means no tourists (unless they are in on my secret). Guaranteed mind blowing sunrises just like this one. ☀️#traveler #adventure #igtravel #wanderlust #bucketlist #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #travelstoke #livetravelchannel #travelling #travelgram #travelawesome #wanderwisely #fodorsonthego #expediapic #traveldeeper #CNtraveler #bbctravel #instatravel #traveltheworld #mytinyatlas #ontopoftheworld #livingthedream #sunrise #Bagan #Myanmar

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7.  Myanmar

Myanmar has been one of those Southeast Asia destinations which I’ve planned to visit “forever,” but keeps escaping my travel schedule. I told myself 2015 would be the year. When my plans for 2015 fell through, I promised myself that I’d visit for sure in 2016. It didn’t happen. I hope 2017 will be the year that I finally explore this intriguing country, but until then I’ll have to settle for Hannah’s Insta-inspiration and blog posts over at Eat Breathe Sleep Travel.

8.  Kenya

Eric of Travel Babbo legit lives by his tagline of “Take Your Kids Everywhere.” I don’t know much about children (especially since I basically still act like one myself), but I love a meal with a view, and Eric’s posts from Giraffe Manor in Nairobi fascinated me. I HAD to look this place up after I saw this photo of his daughter with these amazing animals. Turns out it actually does exist in real life and not just in my Instagram dreams.

9.  Svalbard

I moved from Wisconsin to get away from the cold and snow. I still stand by that decision (have you ever experienced a Midwestern winter?), but after a few years of living nearly 1,000 miles south of the place that I was born and raised, I did start to miss the occasional snowfall. I was surprised that I (willingly) booked trips to Banff and Norway in January, but I didn’t think this whole snow-themed travel kick would last once I satisfied my winter fix. Shockingly, it has. I blame Liz of Young Adventuress, because basically tracking polar bears sounds like the best trip ever.

10.  Bali

I’m cheating because the photo for #10 is from my trip to Bali last November. Can you blame me for wanting to go back already? You can read about my trip to Bali and the Gili Islands in detail here. *le sigh* Hopefully, I’ll be Bali-bound again soon.

What are your top travel destinations for 2017? Let me know who you follow for your Insta-Inspiration!

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