Top 5 Travel Boating Experiences

With summer here, I’m antsy to get out on the water!  But, since (sadly) that’s not going to happen today, I’m reminiscing about my favorite boating travel experiences instead.  Once I began to think about it, I was shocked just how many of my top travel memories include being on a boat.  It was surprisingly hard to narrow down my top picks, but here they are:

greece boat

5.  Corfu, Greece

How could I list my favorite boating experiences without including my favorite island location?  Although Corfu wasn’t the only Greek Isle I visited, it was the only island where I was able to get out on a boat (aside from the ferry to Santorini).  Greece had always been an idyllic destination for me, so the day I spent boating from Corfu to the smaller islands of Paxos and Antipaxos is my number five pick!


4.  Grand Harbor, Malta

Malta‘s mild winters made renting a boat in early December quite pleasant!  My boat ride around The Grand Harbor in a traditional dghajsa boat is my number four pick.  The boat trip was timed just right and I was able to get some fantastic photos of Valletta and the Three Cities as the sun began to set.


3.  The Nile, Egypt

Cruising down the Nile was truly a once in a lifetime experience.  I was amazed at how quickly the scenery changed.  One moment the view from the boat would be lush green jungle, and then a few minutes later I would look up and see camels in an arid desert setting.  The scenery just kept getting better and better!


2.  The Fjords of Norway

Even in the midst of winter, Norway’s natural beauty is undeniable.  Norway is my runner-up and number two pick.  What better way is there to experience the fjords of Norway than by boat?  It was worth braving the elements in January for views like the one pictured above.


1.  Annecy, France

And my number one pick for a boating experience?  None other than the small village of Annecy in the French Alps.  Annecy is one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever laid eyes on.  What makes it so spectacular?   The aqua blue glacier lake that many of the area’s attractions center around is awe inspiring.   As if the lake weren’t gorgeous enough on it’s own, it’s filled with elegant swans, and the shores are spattered with grand chateaus.  One of my favorite travel experiences to date was renting a boat to relax, enjoy the perfect spring weather and explore Lake Annecy.

Can’t hop a plane to one of these exotic locales anytime soon?  Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to boat right in your backyard!  Check out Discover Boating for tips and online resources.

Where was your favorite boating memory?