In 1973 the first mobile phone call was made. It’s hard to believe that just 42 years later we have smart-phones that can do nearly everything a computer can do.  It’s even more amazing when you consider the first computer was only introduced to the public in 1946, and took up an entire 1,800 square foot room. The biggest advances in technology are being made right now; hand-held smart-phones, apps, cameras, laptops and tablets. With these inventions, travelling the world has never been easier!  Here are some of the must-have 2015 apps, websites and devices to make the most of your travels.

10 Top Digital Tools for Your Travels:


1. TripCase App

Why? This app is just genius, that’s why.  Everything you need to know about your flight/travel information available in one app on your smart phone or tablet.  This app provides up (literal) up to the minute alerts on your flight progress – ensuring you’ll know about any delays and changes made to your itinerary.  This app also is designed to be used to plan trips by providing you with nearby places to dine, stay and adventure.

2.  A Trip Advisor Account has everything a traveller needs to know to plan and organize a trip in one convenient place. Reviews, photos and inspiration are a click away – and that’s all available without an account! Creating an account will ensure you get fast alerts to flight/transit deals, and it’s easy to submit your own reviews on places you’ve been. Search through thousands of photos and reviews to get inspired for your next adventure!


3. GoPro

For frequent travellers, there’s no explanation required as to why you NEED a GoPro product. For beginners, here’s a little explanation – when first hearing of GoPro, I assumed they were for more sports-oriented travellers and adventurers. This is a common but very wrong assumption.

Some great travel-related uses are: 

-Recording a road trip (for instance, while driving the winding, mountain-filled roads of British Columbia, I would have LOVED to have a GoPro attached to our car.) 

-Memories (using a GoPro on family vacations or excursions such as scuba-diving or interacting with wild-life ensures you’ll have memories of those once-in-a-lifetime events.)

-Sharing Your Vacation (I realized a could use a GoPro after trying to explain to someone what it was like to swim with dolphins and scuba-dive surrounded by stingrays – and the words really just couldn’t describe it. Show people how amazing your adventures are and inspire them!)

4. A (Good Quality, Reliable) Smart Phone

Invest in a phone that has a has a long battery life and is usable in other countries. Right now I have a very old Samsung, and while I LOVE Samsung phones – my phone has a terrible camera and is definitely not reliable (proven by the multiple times it’s died only hours into my day.)  For safety as well as for convenience, make sure you have a reliable phone.

5. Subscriptions to Travel Blogs

Following travel-bloggers is just a great idea. This gives you unlimited resources and loads of inspiration for planning your next get-away. Inside tips and tricks from other travellers (perhaps professionals) that have been to the places you’re interested in visiting.  Offering advice on where to stay, where to eat, what to do, what not to do – travel bloggers are basically free travel agents.  If you’re interested in travelling, subscribe to travel bloggers and get that inspiration flowing!


6.  A Tablet (iPad, Kindle, Playbook)

A 10 hour flight combined with a 4 hour layover – bring on the movies/Ebooks!  A tablet is a great way to pass time with what seems like an endless supply of games and apps.  Linking your tablet to your smart phone, you can get all your travel alerts and apps in more than one place (a great suggestion if you’re trying to save your phone battery!)

7. Localeur (app or website)

Basically the best app on this list and here’s why; not only does this app/website have a spot in Forbe’s 50 Best Travel Apps (link), Localeur ranked 2nd!  The app/website slogan explains it all; EXPERIENCE LOCAL.  If you’re planning a trip to Spain, France or Ireland – find out what the locals are saying before you go! Locals know all the best pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels.   I’ve just recently discovered this app and have no idea how I travelled without it for all these years!

8. Skype.

Skype generally is known as a desktop or laptop app – but it can be an absolute life-saver if you have it installed on your tablet or smart phone.  For just 2 cents per minute – you can make a call to any country.  VoIP (voice over IP – basically calling someone through the internet), is a great way to save on international calling/roaming charges.


 9.  Hyperlapse (app by Instagram)

Hyperlapse is a new app and while it is created by Instagram, you do not need an Instagram account to use it. Photographers may be familiar with the term “hyperlapse”, but for those who don’t; hyper-lapsing is basically time-lapsing a place (example; a street) in a video.  Although hyper-lapsing is a difficult photography technique, the app is very easy-to-use and there are tons of tutorials that give great tips on how to create the best looking videos.  What makes Hyperlapse such a great app is the idea of seeing hours of city-life in a short video – allowing you to see the hustle and bustle of a normal day/night in that city.

10. Travelsafe Pro

Remember when you were a kid and your mom made you memorize “911” and other security numbers in case anything bad happened? This app could have been invented by your mother, because it’s main focus is to keep you safe and giving you security wherever you are travelling.  The app is easy-to-navigate and shows you ALL countries emergency numbers (police, medical and fire).  Also including every national embassy number and a “quick dial” option – this app is available in multiple language and requires no internet connection.  You might not need your mom to travel with you anymore, but you’ll both feel a lot better once you download this app!


This guest post is written by Jaimee Nicole, the Canadian writer behind the travel, immigration and wellness blog, Travel Pray Love.  Finally together, after three years of long distance, Jaimee and her Belgian boyfriend K share their joys of travelling the world together, their struggles with immigration and their love story. Visit their blog to follow their journey or connect with them on social media: