I was getting my mail after 12 long hours of sitting behind a desk when there it was: an invitation to my 10 year college reunion. I nearly fell over in my stilettos. TEN YEARS? Where had the time gone? It seemed like yesterday that my friends and I gathered in front of our alma mater, dressed in caps and gowns, and promised each other that nothing would ever change. I walked into my house and glanced at a photo of the six of us posing with our diplomas. It really had been a while since we were all in the same city. Even on the rare occasions when we were able to coordinate a weekend trip, someone was usually stuck on a conference call during dinner or cancelling because of a sick toddler. Clearly it was past time to revive one of our great college traditions: road trips. And it all perfectly aligns with Wyndham Rewards’ summer offer, (which allows us to save 15%-20% if we stay two or more nights at participating hotels). A quick round of emails and my friends were on board. But where to go?

Time and/or finances kept most of us pretty limited: children, mortgages, graduate student loans were all realities that would have mystified our twenty-two-year-old selves. We decided to start our trip in Nashville, TN – one of my favorite cities in the country! Not only was Nashville in the perfect central location, it was an ideal meet-up city. It’s tough to resist walking around such an eclectic and historical city, and even harder to resist ordering a burger at the world-famous Rotier’s which has been a Nashville institution since 1945. With Wyndham Rewards,, we were able to choose a hotel  close to our planned activities: a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame, a meal at Monell’s, and dancing at Nashville institution Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.

So, we had Stop 1, but where to go from there? After more chatting with my friends we decided to will head to Memphis, TN to eat some fabulous Bar-B-Q. My friends and I are still debating this list of Memphis Bar-B-Q joints, but we’ve decided that Graceland is a must-see. We plan to spend two nights in Memphis to take advantage of the live jazz and shopping (plus that means we have time to test out more Bar-B-Q joints). 🙂

After some debate amongst the group, we decided our next stop would take us further South to New Orleans. Our itinerary this time would be slightly different than it was in our college days when the trip would have revolved around Hurricanes, Bourbon Street, and Mardi Gras. This time, we’ll make reservations at the world-renowned Commander’s Palace, take in the architecture of Jackson Square and tour the French Quarter. We’re all fans of ghost stories, so we’ve made reservations to do a nighttime ghost walk through the older parts of the city. And of course, no trip to the Big Easy is complete without a trip to Café Du Monde.

All of this planning made me super excited to re-live my “Glory Days” road trip. With Wyndham Rewards’ summer offer, we were able to earn enough points to add one more night’s stay to our trip (see you soon, Knoxville, Tennessee!). It’s so easy to earn points with Wyndham Rewards. You earn 10 points per dollar spent or 1,000 points on every stay – whichever is more, and for just 15,000 points, you get a free night at any one of their 8,000+ hotels.

One of the best things about their summer offer is that you can earn points almost anywhere you want to stay, and then redeem those points at higher-end hotels across the country. To receive 15%-20% off your stay, simply book your rooms before September 4 and redeem by September 10.

No doubt our reunion will be fun, but we’re all really looking forward to packing a cooler, loading up some good playlists, and road tripping like we did ten years ago in school. Thanks to Wyndham Rewards, we can afford to spend more time on the road, and with each other!

Are you planning a summer road trip? If so, where are you headed?

This post was sponsored by Wyndham Rewards, but all text, opinions and plans are my own.