Just a hop, jump and a skip from Prague, I would recommend that you add a stop in Budapest during your next Central European trip.

The “iconic” picture of Budapest is typically the awe-inspiring Parliament building.


The city itself is split in two (Buda and Pest) by the Danube River. The eastern and western parts of the city are connected by the grand Chain Bridge.  Although the river is beautiful, the downside is that it creates a natural divide between the two parts of the city. Because the city is so large, it can be difficult to explore it in its entirety on foot.


One of my most memorable experiences in Budapest was taking a sunset cruise down the lovely Danube River. It was a great way to relax while getting acquainted with the city’s layout.


Other points of interest include the Opera House, Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion and the city’s thermal baths and spas.

You can’t miss Buda Castle, on the Buda side of the river, which was built in 1265.

buda4Another “must-see” is Fisherman’s Bastion, which offers panoramic views of the Danube, Margaret Island and Pest.


Budapest is also famous for their thermal baths and spas. While there, we went to The Gellert Spa for a massage and to soak in their mineral pools – definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss!


If you’re looking for value in Europe, Budapest is a great choice.  The prices in Budapest were far more reasonable than in  nearby Prague.  I was only in Budapest a couple days, but it was enough time to realize that a trip back to Hungary’s capital city is warranted!

CC header image from Flickr: Hungary-2559- Fisherman’s Bastion and Chain Bridge by Dennis Jarvis