It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of your own life and forget about the outside world and those less fortunate than you are.  I’m guilty.  You probably are too.  If we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us spend the vast majority of our day failing to think of others… especially those living in war-torn lands far from the comfort of our western first-world lives.  But, you don’t have to write a huge check or pack your bags and volunteer abroad to make a difference in the world.

The steps you take can be as simple as writing a letter.

CARE recently launched a new campaign which I personally find very moving – Special Delivery: Letters of Hope to Syrian Refugees.  Former World War II refugees have been writing letters of hope to Syrian refugees, which has resulted in some deeply moving connections between people who, despite being separated by decades and distance, share so much.  CARE has documented some of these stories on their website.

Sending Hope to Syrian Refugees

Sending Hope to Syrian Refugees

CARE is a humanitarian organization which strives to battle worldwide poverty and empower women and children.  The organization has reached over two million Syrians with humanitarian relief, from food baskets and grocery debit cards to emergency shelter and hygiene kits.  But as the Syrian conflict drags on, CARE wanted to deliver something more: HOPE.  You can watch this video to learn more about the project and see how CARE package recipients, once refugees themselves, wrote letters of support to Syrian children.

I assure you, this isn’t a political post.  Regardless of whether your political views lean to the left or the right, or what your opinion is on the refugee crisis, I’m sure you agree that the thought of anyone having to flee their country and leave their home in fear is horrendous.  This month marks five years since the conflict in Syria started… and although the refugees need many things, one of the most important is hope.

Sending Hope to Syrian Refugees

I found the story of Renata and Duhna which was featured by CARE particularly touching.  Renata is now 76 years old and living in Tampa, Florida, but as a child she was a refugee fleeing Germany during World War II.  At seven years old, Renata found hope amid the fears and mounting rubble around her in the form of a letter from a stranger.  Renata received one of the original CARE Packages.  Now Renata writes to Syrian refugees, striving to provide them with a glimmer of hope – just like she personally received many years ago.

Sending Hope to Syrian Refugees

“I would like to get to know you,” Renata writes to 13-year-old Duha, a Syrian refugee living with her family in Jordan, “and hope that I will be able to help you in a small way achieve your goal.”   That goal is to become a doctor, Duha says, so she can help people and mend their bodies and their spirits.

Sending Hope to Syrian Refugees

How can you help?

It’s simple.  Go to CARE’s website and submit your own letter to a Syrian refugee.  You’ll see that CARE asks you to limit your letter to 255 characters – literally, just a few words and minutes of your time.

Here’s mine:

“Dear Friend,

Although we are strangers and live worlds apart, know that myself and many others care about you.   Stay hopeful and courageous.  After darkness comes light.  

Thinking of you, 


You can submit your letter here.

If you’re willing or able to do more than write a letter, you can also donate a CARE package.  CARE has been delivering these packages since World War II which include hygiene products, food and more.  You can also share this post on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #WithSyria

*All photos courtesy of CARE.  This post is sponsored by, but all opinions are my own.