Have you been at the beach all day and need a sweet treat? Or is it that you need something heartier like a juicy cheeseburger? We compiled a list to make deciding where to eat when you’re in San Diego’s Gaslamp District a little easier, or maybe a little harder because all the places we listed are too tasty!

9 Must-Go-To Restaurants in San Diego’s Gaslamp District:

1. Hodad’s


[Image: Hodad’s Ocean Beach/Facebook]

This iconic burger shop offers big, juicy hamburgers slathered in cheese and bacon. When we say big, we mean nearly the size of your face! They do have mini burgers, but they’re not that mini. This is the best place in the area to get All-American food that will fill you up to the point of sickness if you’re not careful.

2. Soda & Swine


[Image: Soda & Swine/Facebook]

Soda & Swine offers a chic place to get appetizers with its farm-style wooden tables and dark wood paneling on the walls. They also have beer floats, amazing pies and fried pizza knots. Need we say more?

3. OB Smoothie Bar & Sub Express


[Image: OB Smoothie Bar & Sub Express/Facebook]

If you’re heading for the healthy route, try some of the freshest and sweetest fruit mixed together in a yummy acai bowl at OB Smoothie Bar & Sub Express. It’s arguably the best acai bowl in California; just ask the locals.

4. Wow Wow Waffle


[Image: Wow Wow Waffle SD/Facebook]

At this waffle joint, you’ll enjoy the best sweet and savory waffles in San Diego, and the delightful combination of ingredients will make your taste buds say, “Wow, wow, wow!” Wow Wow Waffle makes their waffles with dough, not batter, with a few twists to give their authentic Belgium waffles a taste you’ll crave long after your trip to San Diego. While here, try the Number Seven—it’s their most unusual combo of candied bacon, goat cheese and avocado all set on top of a waffle.

5. Donut Bar


[Image: Donut Bar/Facebook]

Donut Bar is a popular spot, so get there early before they sell out. They have unique flavors like crème brulee donuts and maple bacon cinnamon rolls. The menu changes daily, but with so many different options, surely there will be at least one donut to satisfy the early morning sweet craving.

6. Rubicon Deli


[Image: Rubicon Deli/Facebook]

Rubicon Deli makes sandwich making an art. Huge loaves of bread sandwiched with bold flavors are sure to satisfy your tasting buds. They offer half or whole sizes so you can fill up for a big lunch or just get a half in the afternoon to satisfy the mid-afternoon munchies. You can order bread topped with melted cheese and jalapenos to get a hint of spiciness or go with the Italian seasoning topping. The sandwiches are big on flavor, big on ingredients and big on size. Yum!

8. Ironside Fish and Oyster BarIronside

[Image: Ironside Fish & Oyster/Facebook]

Get some of the freshest oysters and seafood in the city at Ironside Fish and Oyster Bar. If you’re not feeling the seafood vibe, just order their fries and get the side of bread because that bread is delicious. Well, everything hear is mouthwatering, but that break really hits the spot!

9. Lucha Libre Taco Soup


[Image: Lucha Libre Taco Shop/Facebook]

Lucha Libre Taco Shop is your stop for gourmet burritos and tacos. The shop touts the wildness of a Spanish wrestling theme with the flamboyant and big characters. The burritos are as big and as flavorful as the characters they’re modeled after. The Surfin’ California burrito with steak, shrimp, avocado, fries, cheese and secret chipotle sauce was even featured on Man vs. Food.

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Where’s your favorite place to eat in San Diego’s Gaslight district?

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