Are you (or your kids) looking to add some color and personality to your typical boring luggage, travel gear, or computer case? Then look no further – Pomchies are the cure for your common lackluster baggage.

Pomchies are a fun, lighthearted way to jazz up your luggage. Whether you’re representing your favorite sports team or simply showcasing your personal flare, Pomchies come in a variety of colors and can be personalized to reflect your distinctive style!

How to make your luggage standout in a crowd

What is a Pomchie?

A Pomchie is a small travel accessory that slips around your belongings much the same way that a pony tail holder slips around your wrist. I love that they remind me of the lanyards I used to make when I was a kid (there’s some 90’s nostalgia for you!). Made of lightweight Nylon and Spandex, Pomchies won’t weigh you down when you’re on the go, and since they are handmade, quality is guaranteed. I love that Pomchies are lightweight and durable, so that when I sprint from airport to airport, I can quickly identify my bags and be on my way. (And if I happen to drop my bag in a puddle in the middle of Bali, I can wash my Pomchie quickly and easily and it is good to go).

How to make your luggage standout in a crowd

Why Pomchies?

Because Pomchies come in a wide variety of colors and combinations, you’re able to design a Pomchie that reflects your individual style. I’m a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan, and I delight in supporting my team while traversing the world with the Pomchies travel line. (Go Pack Go)!  You can too by going to their website and choosing your own colors. Once your Pomchie arrives, affix it to your luggage, backpack or computer bag.

And the best part about my Pomchies? I’m able to quickly and easily identify my bag at baggage claim – no more mix ups!

You know what else I love about the Pomchie line? They also offer lightweight lanyards, wristlets, keychains, and hand bands, all of which can be super convenient for traveling. Since I can customize my Pomchie accessories with my favorite colors, I can easily identify my items while I’m on the go and not have to worry about my travel buddies “borrowing” my head bands when we go on hikes. 🙂

If you have friends who love to travel, Pomchies can make a wonderful and affordable gift. Don’t let your friends stand around at baggage claim! Do you have kids who need some flare to show their team pride for little league teams, dance companies, or cheerleading? Use a Pomchie to quickly and easily distinguish their bags from the competition!

How to make your luggage standout in a crowd

Don’t be left at baggage claim, searching amongst a sea of basic black suitcases – click here to start designing your own Pomchies.

How do you make your luggage stand out in a crowd?