Why do I travel? I was recently asked this question by a stranger with whom I struck up a conversation. It caught me completely off guard. My initial reaction was confusion – what a silly question! Why do I travel? Why wouldn’t I travel. I opened my mouth to provide what I expected would be a witty retort, but all that came out was a stammer. Nothing. An attorney by trade, there’s not often a lull in conversation once you get me talking… especially once you get me talking about travel. There were so many thoughts and responses floating around in my mind, yet nothing I could succinctly verbalize. Since this conversation, I’ve thought more about this question. And although it’s still not a quick and easy answer, I’ve narrowed down my response to one “simple” reason:

I travel to EXPLORE.

Explore new places. Explore unique cultures. Explore new experiences. And, when traveling solo (which has become a new addiction for me) to further explore my own self.

Why Do I Travel? Park City, Utah

Sounds deep, huh?  It doesn’t have to be.

Travel, vacation, adventure, relaxation and exploration can easily (and seamlessly) overlap. One such example would be my recent girls trip to Bali, Indonesia. Bali is one of those luxury dream vacations that’s difficult not to enjoy. Amazing scenery, friendly people and something for everyone, Bali was perfect for the type of exploration I was craving this past November. The island boasts active volcanoes to climb and waves to surf. Temples to explore and beaches to comb. But, traveling across the globe as a busy full-time professional isn’t necessarily easy, relaxing or seamless. It takes quite a bit of time, planning and funding.

Why Do I Travel? Park City, Utah

I lived my eat, pray love moment and I would absolutely do it again. In the future. But, the next dream destination I have in mind is much different. It’s just as adventurous and naturally beautiful, but it’s easier to get to and there’s far less time lost in transit. It’s as challenging or relaxing as you want to make it. It’s epic.

Where is it?  

(I know you’re just dying in anticipation now, aren’t you?)…

Park City, Utah.

Why Do I Travel? Park City, Utah

Park City is the largest ski resort in the USA, brimming with a ton for travelers to experience and explore. Breathtaking views, amazing ski runs, shopping, and a lively restaurant scene all combine together to make this a quintessential ski town that has something for everyone.

Chances are if you travel to Park City during ski season, you’re more than likely going to shred some powder, but that’s not the only way you can explore the mountain. You can partake in a plethora of winter activities such as a sleigh ride or snow shoeing. Or. perhaps your idea of exploration is sampling the restaurant options, shopping and checking out the apes ski scene.

Why Do I Travel? Park City, Utah

Park City makes the perfect escape for the busy professional due to its close proximity to the Salt Lake City airport and seamless (free) public transportation system. If you’re craving a bit more than the “typical ski vacation” you can find it at Park City. You can find out more about exploring Park City and the other Vail Resorts here.

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Why do you travel?  Would you like to explore Park City?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Vail Resorts. The opinions and text are all mine.

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