Are you guys familiar with Captain Obvious?  He’s constantly traveling the world, but his next adventure will keep him stateside for a while… Captain Obvious is running for president.  As in literally physically RUNNING for president.  (And, you thought this presidential campaign couldn’t get any more entertaining, didn’t you?)  As he runs, he’ll be providing satirical commentary on what has already proven to be an interesting election year.

captain-obvious america

You’ve heard what the other candidates have to say, but I can promise you this pitch is completely…different.  Here it is in his own words:

The #Obvious Presidential Candidate

It’s no secret that a certain candidate’s Twitter account has been getting a lot of attention, but have you checked out @CaptainObvious? His satirical tweets are so popular, he has over 314,000 confirmed followers on Twitter!

I mean, who can’t get onboard with this “political ideology”? #ObviousPresident

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.23.11 PM

Sick of hearing about the election?  No worries, Captain Obvious also tweets about other topics that will make you #LOL.  I particularly like this one given my interests and hobbies outside of travel:

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.25.28 PM(Note: If you follow this site, you know my “hobbies and interests outside of travel” = wine).

You can track his campaign and see what Captain Obvious has to say about your state as he “runs” across the USA.  I particularly loved what he has to say about my home state.

Like all presidential candidates, Captain Obvious needs a sponsor to fund his campaign (well, mostly because he needs a place to sleep at night as he “runs” through each state).  Luckily, has stepped up to the plate to put a roof over his head as he continues his journey

Finally a candidate that understands the important issues that face travelers.  You can keep up with his race for the presidency at his campaign website and through his Twitter account.

Thanks to for sponsoring this post just like Captain Obvious’ presidential campaign.