How To Beat Jet Lag

Any frequent traveler knows the “usual tips” on how to beat jet lag: try and stick to a “normal” sleep schedule, get 8 hours of sleep per night, and get outside in the light to “reset” your body’s natural clock.  Sure, all these suggestions sound great in theory, but in reality, they are easier said than done.

For me, the easiest way to beat jet lag is to get the proper amount of sleep, which can be difficult when my body’s sleep schedule is synced with Atlanta’s time zone, but in reality I just stepped off a flight in Cambodia.  Sleepless nights aren’t only frustrating, but they really put a kink in the next day’s travel schedule.  It’s hard to muster up the energy to explore Angkor Wat when I’m running on little or no sleep.


3 Travel Essentials to Help You Beat Jet Lag and Sleep Better While You Travel:

1. Eye Mask

With the plane’s cabin lights constantly being flipped on and off, an eye mask is essential for me to get any sleep while on a flight.  Aside from blocking out the light, putting the mask on forces me to focus on getting some sleep, even when I’d rather watch the new in-flight releases. Aside from blocking out the light, putting the mask on forces me to focus on getting some sleep (check out this sleep infographic), even when I’d rather watch the new in-flight releases.

2. Earplugs or Noise Canceling Head Phones

Personally, I have not yet invested in a pricey pair of noise canceling headphones, so instead, I purchase cheap, disposable ear plugs.  Wearing earplugs is necessary for me to catch some sleep while on a plane, train or bus… or while sharing a room with a snoring travel partner!

3.  RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts

Aside from the typical jet lag struggles, I’ve also battled insomnia on and off for years – it’s not fun to deal with when you’re trying to enjoy the trip that you’ve been looking forward to for months.  (And trust me when I tell you, I am NOT pleasant to be around without sleep).  I’ve tried various over-the-counter sleep aides, but many of them cause grogginess for several hours after I wake up.  So, when I was asked to try (which I hadn’t heard of previously), I was thrilled to see if there was “something better” out there.  So, I gave up my “go-to” sleep aide and popped a RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melt instead.

The liquid melt dissolved in my mouth quickly, and before I knew it, I had drifted off to sleep.  Because the melts are natural and contain no medication (the package states that they are derived from parts of flowers!), I was worried that they wouldn’t work as well as an over-the-counter medications I’ve tried – but they did for me.  Although I like the fact that this product is natural and isn’t your run of the mill sleep aid medication, the thing I love the most was that I wasn’t groggy when I woke up the next morning…  I will definitely be packing these puppies on my next adventure!


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How do you best beat jet lag when you travel?  

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