Chances are, if you don’t live on the west coast, you’ve never heard of Heber Valley.

Am I right?

If you’re reading this blog, you likely consider yourself a traveler, or at the very least, a wanderlusty armchair traveler.  But, it’s okay to admit if you hadn’t heard of this particular destination. Until recently, I didn’t know about this well-kept secret either.  But, there are many people who are quite familiar with Heber Valley – the secret is getting out.  This American “off-the-beaten” path destination is becoming quite popular with outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Why, you ask?

You may not be able to point out Heber Valley on a map, but the area is one of Utah’s most beautiful natural gems.  Not only is Heber Valley home to five mountain golf courses, blue-ribbon fishing, a Swiss-themed town and family friendly events, but it also boasts three striking state parks.  These things alone may be reason enough for Heber Valley’s increased popularity with travelers.  But the area has even more to offer.  Much more.

Here’s 8 Reasons Why Heber Valley is an outdoor dream destination you should know about:

1. Location, Location, Location

Located in northern Utah, Heber Valley is less than 50 minutes from Salt Lake City and 15 minutes from Park City.  A stand-alone destination in its own right, Heber Valley is also close to Jordanelle Reservoir, Deer Creek Reservoir, Wasatch Mountain State Park, Homestead Crater, Heber Valley Historic Railroad, Crater Springs Golf Course and Utah State Parks Golf Courses.  There’s only one stop light separating you and Heber Valley from the Salt Lake International Airport.

Heber Valley: An Outdoor Dream Destination You Should Know About

2.  Heber Valley Offers a Host of Outdoor Adventures

Heber Valley is an outdoor adventure paradise.  It’s an ideal destination for water skiing, golfing, biking, fishing, hiking, ATV-riding and horseback riding, and offers over 200 miles of trails.  Regardless of which outdoor activities you decide to partake in, Heber Valley’s lakes, rivers and forests don’t disappoint for camping and exploring.

Heber Valley: An Outdoor Dream Destination You Should Know About

3.  The Area is a Year Round Destination

There’s an equal amount of outdoor activities for tourists in winter as there is any other time of the year.  Try snow skiing, ice-fishing, nordic or cross-country skiing, snowmobiling or snow tubing.  When you’re ready to head inside and warm up, explore Heber Valley’s culture.  The area is home to a small and thriving arts community which offers year round theater and dance performances, as well as museums and galleries brimming with quality goods from local artists, photographers and designers.

Heber Valley: An Outdoor Dream Destination You Should Know About

4.  Heber Valley is Fun for the Whole Family

Heber Valley is a great place to bring your family to disconnect from your digital devices and unwind in nature since the area offers plenty of kid-friendly outdoor activities for children of all ages to enjoy.

5.  The Area is a Golfer’s Paradise

Heber Valley is home to 24 miles of golf courses between the area’s five public courses and Red Ledges’ private course.  Cool temperatures and unbelievable scenery makes the area the perfect destination for golfers seeking quality courses set against a stunning natural backdrop.

6. It’s also a Premier Fishing Destination

Heber Valley’s Provo River is estimated to have 45,000 fish per river mile.  The river is known for its quality of fish, ease to access and beautiful surroundings.

7.  And, a World-Class Event Destination

Heber Valley is home to the world’s foremost sheepdog competition, the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic, which brings competitors from as far away as South Africa and Brazil.  Soldier Hollow was also the location for the nordic events during the 2002 Olympics.

Heber Valley: An Outdoor Dream Destination You Should Know About

8.  Heber Valley is Brimming With Natural Beauty

The area is known as Utah’s Switzerland because of the area’s rugged beauty of Mount Timpanogos which overlooks Heber Valley’s green meadows, forested canyons, rocky ridges and meandering streams.   Swiss settlers flocked to the area in the 1800s and settled in the Midway, and from looking at photos of the area, you can certainly see why.

Suffice to say, you’re now “in the know” about Heber Valley, Utah.  And, it’s pretty simple to see why the area is picking up popularity.  As you plan your next vacation, know that you don’t have to travel abroad for an off-the-beaten path destination with spectacular natural beauty and outdoor adventure… you can find these things and more right in Heber Valley.

Which Reason Most Makes You Want to Visit Heber Valley?

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