From Athens we took a flight on Aegean Airlines to Corfu, a Northwestern island in the Ionian Sea.  Once I arrived, I almost felt as though I had left Greece!


Corfu looks drastically different from Santorini.  To me, the scenery resembled Austria more than Santorini given the deep blue water and evergreen trees set in front of a mountainous backdrop.  Because Corfu was the “relaxing” portion of our trip, we chose a resort outside of town and on the beach.

Relaxing in one of the pools at our resort.

Corfu Town, the island’s capital, is a mix of venetian and Greek culture and was almost reminiscent of Italy.

Corfu Town

I didn’t come across any “must see” sights while in Corfu Town, but it was pleasant to stroll around the city, through the gardens and past the old fortress. There were enough restaurants and bars to hold our attention, but I much preferred the vibrancy of Athens or Fira.

Corfu Town

I found it interesting that while in Corfu, we didn’t come across another American… not a single one in seven days! The staff at our hotel said they typically only meet a handful of American tourists each summer.  This struck me as odd, since usually when traveling abroad it’s hard NOT to be identified as an American, but while in Corfu, we were typically asked if we were Australian or Irish.

Corfu Town coastline

One afternoon we took a trip to Gilfada, on the western part of the island.  Gilfada is known for their beaches, which were gorgeous!

A beach in Gilfada.

Aside from relaxing on the beach, my favorite activity in Corfu was taking a day cruise to nearby Paxos and Antipaxos, two small islands off the coast of Corfu.

On our day cruise to Paxos and Antipaxos

Besides being a fun way to spend a day, the cruise allowed us to see some interesting cave formations and the bright aqua water of these small islands.

Bright blue water off the coast of Paxos and Antipaxos.

Despite spending the most time in Corfu (mainly because I was utilizing a week at a time share property that was gifted to me), I have the least to say about this island.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Corfu, but overall I preferred the crowds and glitz of Santorini and Athens.  If you are looking for a less crowded island to relax on, Corfu is a great choice.  However, if you are short on time and searching for that quintessential “Greek experience” of white washed buildings with blue dome roofs, the island of Santorini is likely a better choice for you.

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