Okay, I’m trying something new here – an interview series where you can meet (or “flirt with”) other travel bloggers to help satisfy your wanderlust!

First up is Chloe Logan from Wanderlust in the Midwest.


Let’s start with an easy question – tell me about yourself and your blog.

I’m a 22-year-old recent graduate of the University of Michigan, currently teaching English in the heart of France. Until now, I’d spent my entire life in Michigan, yet wanted to be anywhere but there. I started Wanderlust in the Midwest following a summer interning in France, where I also had the opportunity to visit England, Morocco, and Israel. I caught the travel bug when I was young, but that summer reignited my traveling spirit.

What’s your favorite UNESCO world heritage site?

The Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Challones without a doubt. My internship in France was in Tours, and I lived a block away from the Loire. At least twice a week, I’d take a walk or jog along the river banks.

Why do you travel?

I hate living in a bubble, and was taught from a young age that the key to fostering good relationships was to learn about (and understand) how others are different. I don’t want to be ignorant about other cultures, nor do I want to rely on stereotypes when discussing worldly matters. I learn so much when traveling, whether it’s about a nation’s beer consumption, some words in a different language, or even the origins of a religion. Additionally, there are many parts of the world that I would love to visit in order to see past the media’s representations of them.

What are your top 3 essential travel items?

Portable phone chargers (I always carry two with me), hand sanitizer, and a lock for my backpack and/or hostel lockers.

Favorite “off the beaten path” destination?

I haven’t been anywhere too far off the beaten path, but I’m going to say Morocco. This is a country rich with culture, seems to have a good balance between tourist-friendliness and authenticity, and with different climates. Within a few hours, you can go from snowy mountains to desert dunes to sunny beaches!

Most awkward travel moment?

I can’t recall my most awkward moment, but my worst travel moment was waking up in my hostel in Prague to find that the rude drunk guys in the room had “borrowed” my phone while I was asleep and took pictures of each other’s, erm, body parts. Twenty-three pictures, to be exact. At least my friends and I got a full refund on the room?

Most memorable travel moment?

The first time I ever traveled, I was 13 and off to Paris with my French class. My first time in a new country, seeing the Eiffel Tower from my hotel-room window, wandering through Versailles…it was all magical. Little did I know, that trip would pave my future. It led me to further pursue French in high school (I even studied abroad in Lyon one summer), which led me to declare my major in it at college, intern with the French embassy, intern in France, and eventually move to France for work. It truly was a life-changing experience.

Here’s a question I know most travelers hate (but readers want to know), what’s your top 5 “favorite” travel destinations (if you’re absolutely forced to choose!)?

Marrakech, Vienna, Jerusalem, Marseille/Provence, and Florence.

Do you have a travel tip or pearl of wisdom to impart upon my readers?

The more you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and the more risks you take while traveling (provided that they don’t put you in danger), the more meaningful your experience will be and the more you will gain from it.

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