It’s crazy to think that just one year ago I launched this travel blog.  And my, what a year it has been!  I can honestly say, I have never worked as hard as I have this past year (both at my full-time job as an attorney and on this blog).  But, hard work pays off, and it’s been an awesome year for Flirting with the Globe.  In honor of FWTG’s one year birthday, I’m taking a look back at the site’s last 365 days:

Destinations Visited:

WOW – it’s been a busy (and positively amazing) year of travel.


In the past year, I’ve traveled to the following destinations in the USA:  Asheville, NC; Cumberland Island, GA; Orlando, Florida; Charleston, SC; Gatlinburg, TN; St. Augustine, FL; Key West, FL; St. Simons Island, GA; Milwaukee, WI; and Boston, MA.

As far as traveling abroad, I’ve been on a bit of a Europe kick this year and have been lucky enough to travel to the following international destinations: Malta, Turkey, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland & Mexico.  (More posts coming soon)!

Top Post From the Last Year:


Was Malta a Mistake? was this year’s top post.  This post went viral after Air Malta posted it on their Facebook page.  I have absolutely no idea how the airline found my site since I didn’t work with them (or fly with them).  Regardless, thank you,  Air Malta!


Other Top Destination Posts:

After my Malta post, here are the next top 10 destination posts (based on page views) in the last year. If you’ve missed any of these, here’s your chance to check them out:  5 Reasons to go to Milwaukee, Things You Must Do in Sarajevo, Gorgeous Greece: Athens, Athens, Georgia: Not “Just” a College Town, Is Halong Bay a Tourist Trap You Should Skip?, Why You Should Do Norway in a Nutshell in Winter, Asheville is a Weird, Cool City, 5 Things to Do in Stockholm (That Shouldn’t Be Missed)!, Where East Meets West: A Weekend Guide to Istanbul and How to Conquer San Fran & Napa in 2 Days Flat.

Most Helpful Post:

Based on page views, the most popular Tips and Tricks post of the year was How to Fly to Europe for Cheap. Runner Up: A Novice’s Guide to Travel Hacking


Most Controversial Post:

Did I Do Langkawi All Wrong?!

Wow – people on Twitter (and in the comments) had some pretty strong opinions on this post!  I research my travel destinations extensively based on my interests, so most of the time you’ll find my posts to be gushing with love… but, every once in a while I’m bound to choose a destination that I just couldn’t fall for.  And, when that happens, I’m going to keep it real with my readers.  Certain destinations resonate with certain people.  Unfortunately, Langkawi, Malaysia didn’t really resonate with me, but again, it’s just my opinion!

Top Post Written By a FWTG Contributor:

I now have three fantastic FWTG contributors.  You can read more about them here.  The top post by a FWTG contributor was The Best Restaurants in Milwaukee.  Runner Up: A Novice’s Guide to Travel Hacking.

Top Guest Post:

How to Make the Most of Your Trip to Costa Rica During Green Season by Hiker at Heart.

Top Photo on Instagram:


Surprisingly, my top photo on Instagram this year was the one pictured above of Chateau de Chillon in Switzerland.

Most Exciting Blogging Moments:

My head is still spinning from the excitement of this past year.  When the 2015 Weblog Award Nominees were announced, I couldn’t believe that Flirting with the Globe was voted as a Top Five Finalist in two categories!  The competition was stiff, so I was positively thrilled just to be nominated, let alone voted as a finalist for both “Best New Weblog” and “Best Travel Weblog” awards.  And… Flirting with the Globe was named the Best Travel Weblog for 2015!  (What!?  I’m still as shocked as I am excited about this one)!  Which reminds me – THANK YOU!  (Yes, you).  Thanks to all my awesome readers who follow this blog and voted for for Flirting with the Globe!

As if that wouldn’t be enough to call it an EPIC year, I also made my debut in the New York Times (Double, what!!!???)  When I received the email from the reporter asking to interview me regarding recent trends in Asia travel, I thought it was spam and almost deleted it!  Now, I’m SO glad I didn’t miss this once in a lifetime experience!

What’s Next?

Hopefully, the next 365 days will bring experiences and memories even half as amazing as the ones I’ve had this past year.  It’s safe to say the year will be filled with plenty travel, and I have some super exciting things in the works…  My next international trip is already planned, and I think its going to quite memorable.  I’m working with some ridiculous brands, which should yield some amazing travel experiences (and hopefully some great blog posts)!  Plus, this year I’ll also be attending my first ever travel blogging conference – TBEX North America.  (Are any of my travel blogger readers planning on attending?)


I Don’t Mean to Sound Like a Broken Record, But…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I am truly thankful for all the support I’ve received from you all over the past year!  It’s impossible to have a successful travel blog without readers like you!  If there are topics you want to read more (or less) about, or you have any other comments or recommendations, please let me know below!

If you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments section or by sharing it with the social media links.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you’re not already!