$60 roundtrip ticket to Europe — YES, Please!

It’s no secret among my friends that I’ve recently stumbled into the wonderful world of “travel hacking”. I found this book called Do More Spend Less and nearly fell off my chair at what people have done to earn airline or hotel miles & points and obtain élite status. In a little over two months I’ve managed to apply for no fewer than 8 credit cards (don’t worry, I paid it all off!) and earn about 570,000 plus points in various programs. Sounds great right?

Sort of, so far, none of my friends have jumped on this wonderful bandwagon and I’m all alone in my obsessive point collecting. My other obstacle is that I work full-time and have limited vacation availability, so I just can’t book a trip and seize the day as often as I’d like. As a result, all trips are very calculated, making it difficult to take advantage of all the random promotions and mistake fares. I’m hoarding points at the moment, which made booking this ticket a very exciting and proud moment for me!

One of my favorite bloggers posted that United was having an economy saver award sale, 20% off award tickets to Europe in Jan, Feb & March. So I browsed for a ticket (lucky me, I have some friends in England that like a good holiday as well), and it  just so happened I found one that worked. Chicago to London — Amsterdam to Chicago. Amsterdam is playing an integral part in the $60 fee; if I flew home from England it would cost me $188 because of the airport taxes they have. I used 48,000 miles instead of the usual 60,000, which I consider a double win. The ticket in cash would have cost me $907 – so I’m very pleased with the result.

Getting to Amsterdam will be easy, but I’m leaving that up to my friend James. He works for EasyJet, a low-cost air carrier based in England; so it should cost us 15 euro to get there. We might make it a whirlwind long weekend and see what other cities we can fit in: Rome, Madrid, Berlin?!

What was your best travel hacking triumph?

This post was written by FWTG contributor, Crystal Doro. 

CC Header Image from Flickr: Zuiderkerk by MorBCN.