If you’re going go on a vacation, you have several standard options from which you can choose. You can fly to a destination and relax, you can visit somewhere close to you and save on travel expenses, or you can take a road trip. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, then you will perk up at the mention of “road trip” because there’s nothing like the feeling of outstretched highway underneath your motorcycle tires.

Best Canadian Trails to Adventure with your Motorcycle

When the feeling strikes, you can go wherever the wind takes you. In this case, we will be visiting Canada, and exploring the country’s best trails for bikers.  Here are the best Canadian trails to adventure with your motorcycle:

Ainsworth Hot Springs

If you decide to venture in the cold parts of the country, then you may want to check out the Ainsworth Hot Springs as a way to warm yourself up after a long ride. Be sure that you have the proper motorcycle accessories to combat the cold weather. This trail takes you through the city of Ainsworth and makes a 566-mile loop around the area.

Best Canadian Trails to Adventure with your Motorcycle

Marine Drive

Nova Scotia is a beautiful place to visit, especially if you’re on the back of your bike. Whether you have Kawasaki parts or ride a Harley, this picturesque trail will take you through 276 miles of switchbacks and stunning views of the ocean. Be sure to check out the fishing villages on your way.

Tail of the Beaver

You may have heard of the Tail of the Dragon Trail, which is somewhat of a Mecca for bikers. The Canadian version is similar with regards to thrills, even though it has a decidedly less awesome name. This trail takes you through Southern Ontario and can be completed in a day. Watch out for patches of broken road as they can chew up your motorcycle tires.

The Cabot Trail

If you do go to Nova Scotia, you may also want to check out this trail on Cape Breton Island. This route is consistently ranked highly by bikers around the world, so it is worth a couple of days to make the 301-mile journey.

Best Canadian Trails to Adventure with your Motorcycle

Which of these trails would you most like to explore?

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