100_4238What would you do if you had an afternoon in London; if you’re me, the answer is find a pub… or ten.  I was visiting a friend (on my almost free discounted miles ticket) and we decided to do a European bar crawl.  We started in London, followed with Rome and wrapped up the long weekend in Amsterdam.  Our day didn’t start out that way, we had good intentions to visit the British museum (it’s free), eat inherently English food and only then would we visit some pubs.  BUT, we missed the museum and forgot to start with dinner, oops!

You see, I am from Milwaukee, home of the BEST Bloody Mary’s aka a meal in a glass!  And my British friend, James, loves them just as much us Wisconsinites; so we went in search of the best British bloody.  The result was a not so bad option at the Newman Street Tavern in the west end; this was a fancy pub and it cost me $55 (after my credit card converted from pounds) for 4 drinks – a tad steep.  I tried one made with gin instead of vodka and it was tasty!
Anyway, getting back to seeing the city, I do have some excellent suggestions on how to see London in a day, since I’ve done so myself multiple times.  My transportation suggestion is very touristy but, in my opinion, the best way to hop around town – the big red tour bus!  Get a 24 hour ticket at any of the plentiful tourist shops and you can go just about anywhere.  There are so many of them running, you don’t have to wait long to catch the next bus.  With the bus you can see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, pop over to Westminster Abbey, the House of Parliament and Big Ben, then nearby is the London Eye and Hyde Park Then head over to Trafalgar Square, see the statues and head into the British Museum for some culture.  There you can view the Rosetta Stone, a vast display of Ancient Egyptian artifacts (this was particularly interesting to me as I was going to Egypt later that year) and a well-preserved Book of the Dead for Ani, a no name scribe from Egypt.  And, of course, lots of art by some famous artists.  I also managed to see the High Commission of Australia, which was Gringotts Wizarding Bank in the Harry Potter movies!  If the weather is nice, I would recommend that you sit on the top of the bus and ride around a while for some great photo ops.
Big BenBig Ben
100_4222Westminster Abbey
100_4277The High Commission of Australia aka Gringotts Wizarding Bank!


An alternate way around town would be to get a day pass for the London Underground and you might feel less like a tourist; yet, the double-decker red busses take you directly to all the spots visitors want to see.  What will you choose to see if you were to visit London for a day?

This post was written by one of FWTG’s contributors, Crystal Doro.