IMG_3915I often used to joke that my single girlfriends needed their own dating show since their stories of dating in Atlanta were beyond entertaining. It just so happens that last year one of my friends was casted for a reality TV show on a national cable channel. Long story short, she was “chosen” as “the one” by an Indian prince. For the show’s finale she was invited to travel to India to meet his royal family and determine whether the two would live happily ever after.

So, what does this have to do with me? 

Well, lucky for me, she was able to bring a friend with her for this whirlwind, all-expense paid trip. Additionally, she was able to customize the trip (to a certain degree) and add in a city or two that she wanted to visit.  Unfortunately, since the trip came up very last minute (only a couple weeks before we were scheduled to leave), and due to the fact that we are both attorneys (meaning additional, unplanned vacation time doesn’t always go over so well when you have cases in litigation and bill hours for a living), we decided that we would leave on a Wednesday and come back the following Monday… not the most ideal time frame for a trip when you’re flying 15 hours direct each way just to get there!

We decided that we would fly from Atlanta to Dubai direct and spend 24 hours in Dubai prior to heading to Balasinor, the town where the Prince was from, before heading to Udaipur and then to Agra (to see the Taj Mahal, of course), before returning home to the States. We were warned that the schedule would be rigorous (especially when combined with the show’s busy filming schedule and travel time) and that we would be exhausted, but I’m not one to turn down an adventure to a country that I had never been to before… especially a FREE adventure!

So, off we went to Dubai (during Ramadan) and India (during Monsoon season) for a whirlwind trip I won’t soon forget!

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